In April 2016 we took a step of faith and started living only on gifts from friends, family and supporters. We did this so that we could move to Hungary and focus our ministry largely on teaching and ministering in Central and Eastern Europe where the need is so great. We arrived in Hungary on 12th July 2016 and have already ministered in Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. Our prayer is that God will use our family to touch many people with the gospel and that they would experience the salvation, hope, healing and freedom that only Jesus can bring.

SUPPORT UPDATE (June 2019): We are not currently in need of financial support for our daily needs, but we do have a building project that we would really like to finish this summer and would definitely welcome donations for!

Building Project Fund

Last summer we started restoring an old workshop (behind our house here in Hungary) to become a base for all of our ministry activities.

Thanks to donations from people like you, we’ve been able to finish the roof, install new windows and doors, insulate and plasterboard the ceilings and install the electrics. The next step is to plaster and paint the walls, install floors and bathrooms. We will let you know of our progress in our next newsletter!

Latest Update – June 2019: Plastering and painting has begun! We estimate that we are are in need of a further £8,000 to complete the remaining work.


Giving financially to our family

Since we are not employed by a Hungarian company and do not receive a salary, the Hungarian tax authorities have decided that all gifts we receive through Stewardship or from churches are taxable. Gifts received directly from private individuals are not taxable.

If you are a private individual and would like to give us a personal gift, please contact us and we will be happy to send you our bank details (UK, German, International or PayPal).

If you are in the UK and would like to add “gift-aid” to your donation, please use the buttons below to give online through Stewardship:




Leaving a legacy: A legacy giving account helps you to continue your generosity beyond your lifetime. For more details go to Stewardship. Our Stewardship account number is 20153897.


We are so thankful for every single gift, however large or small.

If the above methods are not working for you, please contact us.