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How to go from Single to Married, God’s Way ¦ Audio

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Are you a christian single person with a desire to be married?

Have you been hurt or disappointed by romantic relationships that didn’t work out?

Do you want to understand how to approach this area of your life with God’s wisdom, and build an excellent foundation for your future marriage?

If so, this teaching is for you!

What people are saying:

“Important and precious teaching, close to heart and without filter, thank you David for sharing this!”

“Excellent, Excellent teaching on this area!!!”

“If you are single and are looking at being married imminently or in the future; This message is like a love letter from God’s heart. You will be so glad that you listened to the message. It’s truth delivered in love.”

“This is so good… as a single woman of GOD I get so confused on the boundaries I should have up regarding relationships, to the point that I just take them all down and end up getting hurt repeatedly. This teaching puts God’s word into perspective so I can guard my heart and have healthy boundaries with godly relationships.”

“So helpful for all relationships. Thank you.”

“Fabulous recent teaching about single and preparing to be married ! Excellent ! Very easy to understand and full of practical tips which we need and knowing Gods very best for us.”

“Your teaching on single to Married is very powerful. I listened to it yesterday and it’s very timely indeed”

Overcoming Fear ¦ Audio Sermon


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This is a sermon I gave at Hope Church (Colchester, UK) about how the enemy has tried to use fear to stop me:

1. Fulfilling the call of God on my life
2. Getting in the right place at the right time
3. Operating in the Power of God

…and how God enabled me and can enable YOU to overcome such fears and enter into the magnificent plan He has for you!