14 Top Tips for Christian Leadership ¦ Video

Over the last 14 years I’ve being involved in various forms of Christian Leadership. Here are a few of my thoughts that I hope will help to equip and encourage you to be the best leader you can be!

1. A Leader’s focus should be on following, not leading!
2. “Success” is not necessarily a sign of good leadership
3. Make sure that Love & faithfulness are your foundation
4. Don’t use the people to build the organisation, use the organisation to build the people
5. Don’t fit people into a “position”
6. Beware of intimidation
7. Don’t lead like the world leads
8. Understand correction & rebellion
9. Don’t speak negatively to members of your team about other members of your team
10. Reviewing is so important!
11. Don’t be too busy
12. Speak the truth in love
13. Be led by the Holy Spirit and don’t be in a rush
14. Get on with the work God has called YOU to do

Speaking the Truth in Love ¦ Video

Could it be that the majority of people on planet earth are deceived about what love is and deceived about what brings true freedom?

I think so.

In this message I speak about:

  1. Making sure you know God’s definition of love.
  2. How the world rejects absolute truth at their peril.
  3. The need to be a good speaker of truth and also a good receiver of it!
  4. How to respond in the right way when we think God is bringing correction to us.
  5. The telling sign that you are a legitimate child of God.
  6. One of the most important but most uncomfortable ways we can love and serve one another.
  7. How to avoid hindering the process of growing into maturity in Christ – personally and as a Body.
  8. How to respond when someone tries to correct you and it isn’t from God!

The Normal Christian Life ¦ Video

Perhaps you, like me have read your Bible and noticed the tremendous gap between the lives of the New Testament believers and our lives?

Join me as we explore this gap and discover 10 key characteristics of those believers. Be encouraged as I seek to spur us all on (especially myself!) to aim to be more like them.

  1. Utterly focused on the Great Commisssion
  2. Wholly dependent on the Holy Spirit
  3. Demonstrated the power of the Holy Spirit
  4. Persecuted
  5. Challenged each other to live to a high standard
  6. Encouraged one another
  7. Looked after orphans and widows
  8. Kept themselves from being polluted by the world
  9. Ridiculously Generous
  10. Recognised by their love for each other

Lord, help us to be more like those believers!

Power ¦ Video

This sermon is all about seeing the power (dunamis) of God displayed through us as we seek to do the things Jesus did and greater things – healing the sick, casting out demons, raising the dead etc.

In this message I cover:

– That the Kingdom of God is not only about words but about power
– The meaning of the greek word for ‘power’ (Dunamis) and some key places it occurs
– The fact that Jesus was FULL of, LED by and operating in the POWER of the Holy Spirit
– Examples of how the display of God’s power was a very normal part of the lives of the early apostles and should be part of ours
– How we can be in error if we do not know the power of God
– How God stretches and challenges us to overcome our fears and step over the ‘invisible line’ so that we can see His power working through us


How To Walk In The Power Of The Holy Spirit ¦ Video

In this message I cover:

– Why we don’t need to fly half way across the world seeking an ‘anointing’
– How the true presence of God follows obedience
– What it really means to make Jesus Lord
– Where to focus your attention in order to see freedom and healing unfold in your life
– The characteristics of the Holy Spirit and why we so desperately need Him

This is session 3 of 3 from a conference at Ellel Ministries Pierrepont called ‘Jesus Heals Today’. The previous two sessions are:

Session 1: Why Is The World In Such A Mess?
Session 2: The Master Key To Healing, Freedom and Restoration

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The Master Key To Healing, Freedom & Restoration ¦ Video

This could be the most important video you ever watch. It teaches you how to practise one of the most important (and often most difficult!) commands Jesus gave us: forgive one another.

In this message I also cover:

– How each of us have been given a different capacity for life, depending on the individual call we have
– How that capacity can be damaged and decreased
– How words can crush the human spirit
– What you can do to get your capacity back
– How to enter the process of healing from even the worst betrayal or rejection life can throw at you

This is session 2 of 3 from a conference at Ellel Ministries Pierrepont called ‘Jesus Heals Today’. To watch session 1 click here.

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Why Is The World In Such A Mess? ¦ Video

In this teaching I answer some key questions, such as:

– If God is a God of love, why is there so much suffering in the world?
– What does it really mean to be born again?
– Why did Jesus have to be born through a virgin?
– What is the biblical basis for the healing and deliverance ministry?
– Why does Satan seem to have so much power in this world?
– When we have issues in our lives that will not go away, what are some of the possible roots?

This is session 1 of 3 from a conference at Ellel Ministries Pierrepont called ‘Jesus Heals Today’.

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Money ¦ Video

One of the things I’ve thoroughly enjoyed since becoming a Christian is learning about God’s way of handling finances. In this sermon I share some personal stories as well as three things the Bible says we shouldn’t do with our money, and three things it says we should do!

Comments that have been posted online about this teaching:

‘Awesome practical teaching on money.’

‘Fantastic teaching. I wish every sermon was like this. So practical and easy to follow. The examples are so encouraging and honest too.’

‘A must to watch and put into practice what God wants us to do. God reminded me today to say it s better to give than receive. Amen. Paul the apostle said if we have food and clothes to be content with that. Amen. Glory to God.’

‘This is a great talk I found it very helpful. Decided after hearing to treat my giving as an adventure with God and have seem some amazing and very amusing things happen!’

‘Great teaching, great examples.’

‘Incredible teaching. Thank you so much. Challenged me to see things differently and I pray to become that cheerful giver!’

‘Very powerful sermon,God help me to be a hearer and do what it says.’

‘I worried so much about my needs. So comforting to be assured of His LOVE and daily provisions, Thank you Lord.’

‘God is good. Thank you so much. I have been truly blessed by this and hope it’s ok to share with my family.’

Overcoming the Fear of Death ¦ Video

The bible says that death has lost it’s sting, so why do we as Christians sometimes still fear death? Do we need to? How can we be free from it? In this sermon David explores these questions and looks at how we can overcome the fear of death.

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