Teaching in Russian

Here you can find teaching by David Steele with translation into Russian. Many thanks to Natalya Savenkova and Oleg Nuzhnyy for translating!

How to Fulfill Your Calling (full 12-part series in Russian):

Understanding True Worship:

How to Bring God Pleasure:


Poltava 2018 – Day 1:

Session 1: How to break free from the past into a better future


Poltava 2018 – Day 2:

Session 2: Keys to overcoming addictions and eating disorders
Seminar: Can God provide the finances I need?
Session 3: How to make sure you don’t miss your calling


Poltava 2018 – Day 3:

Sunday morning: How to handle money God’s way
Sunday afternoon:
How to go from single to married, God’s way