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Money ¦ Video

One of the things I’ve thoroughly enjoyed since becoming a Christian is learning about God’s way of handling finances. In this sermon I share some personal stories as well as three things the Bible says we shouldn’t do with our money, and three things it says we should do!

Comments that have been posted online about this teaching:

‘Awesome practical teaching on money.’

‘Fantastic teaching. I wish every sermon was like this. So practical and easy to follow. The examples are so encouraging and honest too.’

‘A must to watch and put into practice what God wants us to do. God reminded me today to say it s better to give than receive. Amen. Paul the apostle said if we have food and clothes to be content with that. Amen. Glory to God.’

‘This is a great talk I found it very helpful. Decided after hearing to treat my giving as an adventure with God and have seem some amazing and very amusing things happen!’

‘Great teaching, great examples.’

‘Incredible teaching. Thank you so much. Challenged me to see things differently and I pray to become that cheerful giver!’

‘Very powerful sermon,God help me to be a hearer and do what it says.’

‘I worried so much about my needs. So comforting to be assured of His LOVE and daily provisions, Thank you Lord.’

‘God is good. Thank you so much. I have been truly blessed by this and hope it’s ok to share with my family.’